Yours is a way to earn money by creating or discovering good content.

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Who is Yours for?

Shouldn’t you #OwnYourContent?
Yours makes it easy for content creators and curators to get paid for their work.


Flickr user? Instagram star? Landscape photographer? Share your great photos with the world.


Struggling artist? Secretly the infamous Banksy? We want to see what you’ve been working on.


Use Soundcloud or Datpiff? Whether you’re the next Mozart or 2-Chainz, let’s hear it.


King/Queen of dank memes? Let’s make them go viral. Everyone loves funny.


From Medium to your local beat magazine, we’re here to find you new readers.


Want to monetize your portfolio between gigs? Post it and see what others think.

Our Technology

MVP Technology Stack

App / Wallet Layer

Yours Network / Wallet

Shared Data Layer

Yours Smart Contract Oracle
Bitcoin Blockchain

Yours is an unique user experience that combines an in-browser application, with an embedded bitcoin wallet. Our goal is to provide a low-cost way to get content creators and curators paid for their work.

Thanks to the bitcoin blockchain, and our Smart Contract Oracle based off the Lightning implementation, we hope to be one of the first consumer facing applications that truly showcases the advantages of micro-payments at scale.

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